White Mountain K-9 Camp, LLC
5443  Encanto  rd​    Snowflake, AZ  85937
"Where  Dogs  Can  Be  Dogs"

About Courtney:

  • Has 20 years of animal caretaking experience
  • Has a Double B.A. from UC Davis
  • Has lived locally and worked at WMK9 Camp for over 8 years
  • Has such a great love for dogs, she chooses to spend more time with them, than humans!

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To  create  an  exciting, fun, one-of-a-kind vacation  for  Campers that  will  get  them  revved  to  come  back  for  more...


With  3  large  play  yards, spacious  indoor  and  outdoor  runs, a climate-controlled  facility, hearty  treats  handed  out  regularly [made in the u.s.a., of course], and  one-on-one  specialized  attention, our  Campers  are  challenged  to  NOT  enjoy  themselves... 


Caregiving  to  us  is  an  equal  measure  of  patience, routine, and affection. Each  individual  Camper  has  needs. It  is  our  priority  to satisfy  those  needs  with  finesse, attention  to  detail, understanding, and  a  caring  for  the  quality  of  life  of  each animal  we're  entrusted  with--prior to and AFTER their stays here...


We're a solar-powered  boarding  facility  that  embraces  holistic, homeopathic  methods  of  dog/cat  care  and  maintenance.  Veterinary attention  can  be  necessary  over  a  camper's  stay, but  for  the  non-emergency  ailments  such  as  sore  gums, cysts, high anxiety, and others, we  work  with  the  animal [and owners] to  minimize discomfort. Our  main  concern  is  the  wholeness  of  our  Campers'  health and  well-being-- once  that  is  established, it's  all  fun!  

​AT  LEAST  IN  OUR  LITTLE  CORNER  OF  SNOWFLAKE, Dog  Boarding  Kennels And  cat boarding Should  Be  Fun!  We  are  more  than  a  dog  hotel  OR  a  plain-old  cattery, though.  We're  a  premier  getaway. 

About  White  Mountain  K-9  Camp, LLC

Pets  are  family. Pets  are  our  four-legged  kids. And  at  the  White  Mountain  K9  Camp  in  Snowflake, we  realize  our  biggest  job  is  to give  peace-of-mind  to  our  HUMAN  clients  while  providing  an  awesome, safe  experience  for  our  Campers.