White Mountain K-9 Camp, LLC
5443  Encanto  rd​    Snowflake, AZ  85937
"Where  Dogs  Can  Be  Dogs"

Accomodation  prices include: exercise,  play  yard  rotations, administering  medications, and/or  overall  individual  care  required  for  each  unique personality.  That's  what  we  mean  when  we  say  this  place  is  INCLUSIVE.

*We  recommend  that  owners  bring  food  for  Campers, as  it  is  better  for  their  tummies.  A  sudden  change  of  food  can  cause  digestive  issues.  If  owners  prefer, the  K-9  Camp  can  provide  a  grain-free  kibble  and/or  wet  food  for  an  extra  $2  charge  per  dog/cat, per  day. It's  considered  a  courtesy, but  not  mandatory,  to  bring  kitty  litter.  

Canine Camper Prices:                             

1 Dog  per  Night: $19                                    

2 Dogs  per  Night: $32                                 

3 Dogs  per  Night: $35

Kitty  Camper  Prices:

1 Kitty  Per  Night: $8

2 Kitties Per Night: $ 15

*Kennel  accomodations, or our "budget suites"  are (L x W x H)  6ft x 4ft x 6ft, though  for  groups  of  multiple  siblings  camping  together, there  is  a  kennel with  6ft x 5.5ft x 6ft  available  at  no  extra  cost (though  there  may  be  a  fee  for  splitting  your  pack  into  multiple  kennels  during  busy  weekends  or  holidays). Outdoor runs are all 15FT x 4FT X 6FT, and are all topped.

​* Cattery measurements (L x W x H): 8ft x 2.5ft x 4ft 

*K-9  Camp  provides  bedding, but  you  can  bring  anything  from  home...be  warned, though. Some  bedding  doesn't  survive!    

*Kitty  Campers  are  kept  completely  separate  from canines  to  prevent  and  lower  stress levels  as  much  as  possible.

Bathing Services are provided upon request, ranging from $20-$40, and include:

  • A sturdy, thorough wash
  • coat conditioning treatment
  • nail clipping that is rounded out by dremel
  • ear cleaning (as needed)
  • All services are performed with Camper's tolerance level in mind. Some will NOT allow us near their paws without the threat of a heart attack, therefore, they will not be subjected to the undue stress. 

     Nail clipping ONLY - $10

     Ear Cleaning ONLY - free, if you mention seeing this note to Courtney.

BECAUSE WE'RE  A  L'IL  WAYS OUT.... We offer a Pet Taxi Service. Pick up or drop off, prices per trip are:

  • Snowflake/Taylor $10
  • Show Low $18
  • Pinetop / Lakeside $22
  • Holbrook $22
  • St.Johns/Concho $22

       Payment  Can Be  Made  With  Cash, Check, And  Now  Accepting  All  Major Credit/Debit Cards!

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